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grr steel fabs
grr steel fabs
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Company Profile

GRR Steel Fab’s is one of the leading entity in the field of designing and manufacturing of Dished ends, Air/Ammonia receivers and various types of pressing and bending Jobs. Since its establishment 1990, GRR Steel Fabs is renowned for its High quality work and proven reliability in the manufacturing of Autoclaves, Air/Ammonia receivers, Zinc Plating Tanks, Boiler Drums and Dished End (Single piece & Segments). For our full range of products please visit the products page.

Our products are integrated into various Infrastructure Industries like
We specialize in fabrication of Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Dished Ends of Dia 50mm to 3200mm.

GRR has a high technological core that makes it distinct from the others. The company has all the experience as well as expertise to continuously assimilate the latest in product development and manufacturing technology.

A formidable nexus of state-of-the-art technologglass-beads-manufacturers, a highly competent team, fueled by a vision to lead has extended the marketing horizon of the company.

Quality assurance… always our hallmark
At GRR, quality is not a slogan but a pledge. We strive to produce the best quality as it is the only thing, which has taken us so far in the business. The company believes in the concept of total quality management with an emphasis on quality in man, material, machine and process.
Our quality assurance procedures are regularly assessed by various competent bodies of recognized standards.